Vibramycin is a tetracycline antibacterial which is acclimated to amusement abounding types of bacterial infections, including amplitude infections, periodontitis, acne, gonorrhea, and chlamydia, and others. It's slowing the advance of bacteria. This biologic is aswell acclimated to amusement blemishes, bumps, and acne-like lesions acquired by rosacea. Vibramicin will not amusement facial bloom acquired by rosacea. Aswell Vibramicin may be acclimated to anticipate assertive types of malaria in travelers who will be visiting malaria-infected areas for beneath than 4 months.

Dosage and direction

Take it orally with a abounding bottle of water/milk or with food. Dosage is assorted from blazon of infection, so do not use Vibramycin after doctor's advice. Frequently dosage for the analysis of astute infections in adults is 200mg on the aboriginal day (as a individual dosage or in disconnected doses) followed by a aliment dosage of 100mg/day.

Dosage for accouchement have to be belted by your doctor.

Note: this apprenticeship presented actuality just for review. It's actual all-important to argue with your doctor afore using. It admonition you to get best results.


Do not yield this anesthetic afore you traveling to beddy-bye because if you lay down and can could could cause affliction in your throat. Drink baptize or milk while demography this medicine, it'll aswell admonition to abate affliction in your throat. Vibramicin may could could cause photosensitivity authoritative you added decumbent to a sunburn. Avoid animal acquaintance and agenda that your animal accomplice may aswell charge treatment. If you acquaintance such affection as diarrhea that is adulterated or has claret in it, alarm your doctor. Vibramycin should not be acclimated during pregnancy, acceptable abundant or lactating after doctor's advice. Do not use it afore breast-feeding after doctor's advice.

Contraindications of Vibramycin

Vybramicin is not accustomed to humans who are hypersensitivity to drug, added tetracyclines, or bisulfites (with some biologic products). Aswell Vibramycin is contraindicated in accouchement beneath the age of 12 years, abundance or nursing mothers.

The accepted recommended developed dosage of doxycycline is 200 mg on the aboriginal day of analysis (100 mg every 12 hours), followed by 100 mg already circadian at the aforementioned time anniversary day or 50 mg alert daily, with or afterwards a meal. For astringent infections, a dosage of 100 mg alert circadian may be prescribed.

The breadth of analysis with doxycycline varies with the action getting treated. When doxycycline is acclimated to anticipate malaria, the medication should be started 1 or 2 canicule afore entering the at-risk area, taken throughout the trip, and connected for 4 weeks afterwards you return. Do not yield for best than 4 months. Check with your doctor for added information.

For accouchement earlier than 8 years of age, the recommended dosage is based on physique weight. For accouchement who counterbalance 100 pounds or less, the recommended dosage is 2 mg per batter of physique weight disconnected into 2 doses on the aboriginal day, followed by 1 mg per batter of physique weight accustomed already circadian or in 2 disconnected doses. Higher doses may be bare for added astringent infections. For accouchement who counterbalance added than 100 pounds, the developed dosage should be used.

If application the abeyance form, use an articulate syringe or medication cup to admeasurement anniversary dose, as this gives a added authentic altitude than domiciliary teaspoons.

The medication should be taken with affluence of baptize while continuing or sitting cocked to abate the accident of abrasion to the esophagus. This medication should not be taken with antacids or adamant preparations, as these may baffle with its effectiveness.

If abdomen agitated occurs, doxycycline can be taken with aliment or milk.

Finish all of this medication, even if you alpha to feel better. Skipping doses or not commutual the abounding advance of analysis may abatement the capability of the analysis and access the likelihood that bacilli will advance attrition and will not be treatable by this medication or added antibacterial drugs in the future.

Many things can affect the dosage of medication that a being needs, such as physique weight, added medical conditions, and added medications. If your doctor has recommended a dosage altered from the ones listed here, do not change the way that you are application the medication afterwards consulting your doctor.

It is important to use this medication absolutely as assigned by your doctor. If you absence a dose, use it as anon as accessible and abide with your approved schedule. If it is about time for your next dose, skip the absent dosage and abide with your approved dosing schedule. Do not use a bifold dosage to accomplish up for a absent one. If you are not abiding what to do afterwards missing a dose, acquaintance your doctor or pharmacist for advice.